Shadowmancer, by G.P.Taylor

Though hard to get into Shadowmancer quickly turns into a fast-paced fantasy novel who’s hooks are hard to remove.

The work of genius fantasy writer G.P.Taylor this dark and creative novel will leave readers breathless and at the edge of their seats.

From the blurb;

‘Obadiah Demurral is a sorcerer who is seeking to control the highest power in the Universe. He will stop at nothing. The only people in his way are Raphah, Kate, Thomas, and the mysterious Jacob Crane. ‘

Shadowmancer combines history, folklore and magic in this twisting story that will grip any reader. Edged in darkness this novel flirts with an older reader while remaining skilfully accessible to younger readers. Drawing us into a complex magical web filled with secrets, plots and mystery once you’ve cracked into Shadowmancer it proves hard to put it back down.

We give Shadowmancer Four Stars

ISBN – 0-571-22046-0 Cover Price - £5.99 Published by Faber and Faber

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