The Young Elites and The Rose Society, by Marie Lu

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

So rarely in novels today do we get the joy of reading from the perspective of the villain, to see into the mind of the enemy. To understand their evil ways.

The Young Elites series is just that, and a triumph. This is not a novel about a hateful character, but a novel about a powerful, lost girl, who not only can we understand, but who we are voting for.

Introduced to us as the scared, disgrace of a rich widowed man, with a younger sister of far greater beauty, Adelina Amouteru is a main character with fire.

As the survivor of the blood fever, which swept the country, killing hundreds in its wake, Adelina is marked by a jagged scar where her left eye used to be.

She is branded as a Malfetto, an abomination in society and cast out from all she ever knew and loved.

Once she sets out on her own, Adelina is swept up with a group of other Malfettos and discovers that the disease has left her with more than just a scar, but a great and powerful gift.

She becomes a Young Elite; feared, loved, hated.

But Adelina is different from the other Young Elites, she is stronger than all of them. If she cannot control her power she will kill them all.

It is in this, this vengeful, twisted, darkness which brews in our main character that makes Marie Lu’s latest series so addictive. These are novels you won’t want to put down, filled with passion, action and pain they are quick paced and surprising.

The Young Elites will leave you breathless, but the follow up novel, The Rose Society will leave you thrilled.

In the first book Adelina is trying to be something she is not, but in the Rose Society Lu lets this character loose, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

Adelina is left filled with hatred and a burning desire for revenge after the first book, and enters the second known and feared as the White Wolf.

Her goal is to strike down the Inquisition Axis, the military who have destroyed everything she held dear. She and her sister bring together their own band of warriors and prove themselves powerful allies.

The question is whether Adelina will survive it.

Readers of The Rose Scoiety should note that careful attention to the paragraphs starting each of the chapters will boost this final story to greater heights.

Do not miss The Young Elites series, do not miss Adelina Amouteru’s story.

We Give The Young Elites Series Five Stars

The Young Elites;

ISBN – 978-0-141-36182-6 Cover price - £7.99

The Rose Society

ISBN – 978-0-141-36183-3 Cover price - £7.99

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