Creator of The Readers Guide Anna-Roisin Ullman-Smith with her collection

Books are my everything. 

In my twenty+ years I have read around four hundred books and counting, from childrens fiction, young adult novels, adult fiction, biographys, non-fiction to graphic novels. I can even say that I have read the dictionary cover to cover, though don't ask me why. 


I am one of those people who cannot sleep if they have not read, and who always has a book somewhere on their person. Books and the amazing authors behind them are everything to me, their ability to take us into new worlds, to teach us, is one I cannot resist. I dream one day of being skilled enough to write my own novel. For now, however, I can merely offer my own judgment on these pieces of literary art, in the hopes of enlightening others to their joys. 


As a fully fledged journalist, you may know me from some of my articles. This website will work to the Editors code of conduct and the OFCOM regulations.