How It Works

The Readers Guide is a new and diverse book review site. Here we don't just want to provide you with well written reviews but a passion for reading and a community of book lovers to enjoy getting to know. Use this page to find out how we work and what we do. 

From this very website to all of the content on it, The Readers Guide is the soul creation of writer Anna-Roisin Ullman-SMith. Having had a passion for books and an interest in their authors all of her life, The Readers Guide is a place for fellow passionate readers. 


Here at The Readers Guide we offer a range of reviews covering all different genres of YA novels and Fiction titles. We want to hear what you think and encourage readers to get involved. Suggest books to be reviewed, share your opinion about the books we have reviewed through the comments, join the community or, get in touch and find out if you can be a guest reviewer. 

Our Stars
Creator of The Readers Guide Ana-Rois Ullman-Smith enjoying a good book

Our Star System

Here at The Readers Guide we don't believe there are any bad novels, as all books are loved by someone. Our star system reflects this and with every review we produce you will also find how many stars we have given it; 


One Star - A Pleasant Distraction

Two Stars - Enjoyable but Disappointing

Three Stars - Cannot Stop Thinking About it

Four Stars - One to Talk About 

Five Stars - Read it Again


We care about what you think, let us know through the comments or by contacting us directly through the contact page.


We also are more than happy to take requests, if there's a YA novel you want to know more about before you buy it, get in contact for us to do a review.


Join in with the conversation through our  Twitter pages and become part of The Readers Guide. 

If you want to be a guest reviewer drop us an email! If you're a writer yourself, and are looking for a promotion through us then put in a order through our Fiverr page, it's often free! 

This is how we review
Get in cntact we want to hear you opinions

The Content


Our reviews are written on a three tier basis, within the YA reviews you will find both lone novels and series reviews, with full series reviews for completed story-arcs'. 


Our opinion section covers all things literary, from self publishing to the way books are changing. Check it out for helpful tutorials, advice and no restrictions opinions. Delve into ours news and features blogs for a it of extra content, exploring the incredible exploits of the authors you love. 

Mainly enjoy reading, find the perfect next book for you and have fun!