Cliff-Hangers, Audio Book, Part Three

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

What did you think of Silence?

In making this short YouTube series the overall goal was not to kick start a YouTube channel, which certainly is not happening, but to get people more interested in my collection of short stories Cliff-Hangers .

I was advised to attempt this, and though the YouTube videos are being watched, they have yet to result in any sales of the book. Which is a shame as I had hoped to sell at total overall of 20 issues, either on kindle or print, by August of this year, a goal it seems I am not going to reach.

When making YouTube content being able to grasp an audience is key. If i were an artist or any worth I would have illustrated these stories and put the narrative over like an animated short. This style may have had a better chance at grasping viewers and potential readers, but alas was not in my skill set.

What are your stories from promoting you self-published book? Leave in the comments below!

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