A Love Like Blood, by Marcus Sedgwick

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Not for younger readers, A Love Like Blood is a nightmare that we can all believe in.

The story runs from 1944 to 1968, following main character Charles, a Royal Army Medical Corp in France during the war, and later a doctor.

Following the idea that the worst monsters are entirely human this book is an exciting dive into the human mind, lust and passion.

Our story starts in the war, when Paris is freed, but this is not the real tale, the true story here begins in a hole in the ground in Paris, in the days after the liberation. What Charles see’s there was a brief glimpse, a second in the darkness lit by a match burning down, and yet it is this sight that steers the rest of his life.

What Charles see’s haunts him, this man possess his life. This moment directs Charles need for answers, to discover more about blood, to find out more about the man, and all the while this man stalks him.

A book of fear, hatred, revenge and above all else, blood. This is the side to horror that vampire fans have been waiting for, based solely in reality this beautiful book delves into what we are truly capable of.

An incredible read, A Love Like Blood is impossible to put down and will enthral readers from beginning to end, unable to turn away from even the most awful of moments.

Sedgwick fuels our inner demons and sustains our inner monsters with this glimpse into the darkest of realities, leaving us gasping for breath with the shattering conclusion that leaves a tingle running up the back of any readers neck.

Truly phenomenal, do not miss A Love Like Blood.

We Give A Love Like Blood Five Stars

ISBN – 978-1-444-75192-5 Cover price - £7.99 Available as an eBook

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