Anna Dressed In Blood, Girl Of Nightmares, Kendare Blake,

Enter a spellbinding, incredible series that will leave your heart racing and your mind spinning. With just the right amount of horror, romance and fantasy these two novels combine to create an incredible story that will stick in your mind for years to come and that many readers will want to return to again and again.

Anna Dressed In Blood is a beautiful, intelligent, merciless novel that introduces incredibly kick ass characters, fire and passion that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you thrilled.

Cas Lowood is no ordinary guy. He hunts dead people.

People like Anna. Anna dressed in blood. A beautiful, murderous ghost entangled in curses and rage. Cas knows he must destroy her, but as her tragic past is revealed, he starts to understand why Anna has killed everyone who’s ever dared to enter her spooky home.

Everyone, that is, except Cas.

Kendare Blakes brilliantly brutal writing style is shown off in its best light with this amazing novel, and you really do not want to miss out on this earth shattering read.

Girl Of Nightmares is the second and final installment in this series and is the perfect return and conclusion to Anna Dressed In Blood. This novel pushes Blakes dark side to the limits, and further entwines a gloriously different, beautiful, love story that will both set hearts aflutter and racing.

Cas Lowood used to kill ghosts. Until he fell in love with one.

Anna dressed in blood sacrificed herself to save Cas’s life, but life without her isn’t worth living. So when Anna begins haunting Cas’s nightmare, he decides to track her down. Trouble is, Anna is trapped in the depths of hell. And she is not alone.

This novel will have you on the edge. Filled with darkness this fear infested story is a true romantic adventure. Pushing the idea of love, romance, and understanding to its absolute limit.

The perfect conclusion to the story that stole our hearts, Girl Of Nightmares will infest your dreams and steal your heart.

We give Anna Dressed In Blood, Five stars. We give Girl of Nightmares, Four stars.

Anna Dressed In Blood;

Cover price - £6.99 ISBN – 978-1-40832-072-3

Girl Of Nightmare;

Cover price - £6.99 ISBN – 978-1-40832-612-1

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