Book of Lies, by Teri Terry

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Teri Terry takes a classic idea and gives it a new twist in this new novel Book of Lies. A true Page turner this book should not be missed and is defiantly worth enjoying these late evenings.

Quinn and Piper are twins, but they’ve never met. A tragic event brings them together, and draws them into a family curse that stretches across centuries.

One twin can command the darkness; the other could hold the key to breaking the curse.

But when lies become truth and truth looks like lies, who can you believe?

This powerful new novel from Teri Terry explores the complexities of parental love and the drive to protect our children from even the inevitable.

Switching seamlessly between our two main character Quinn and Piper this novel makes you question what makes one person good and another bad, encapsulating this idea into two mirror images of each other.

Terry’s writing ensures that the book remains gripping throughout, whilst her perfectly formed characters ensure a well told story line full of anticipation and shocking plot twists.

While Quinn seeks a place to call home and a family to love her, Piper desires nothing, getting everything she wants and always having what she desire at the snap of her fingers.

While Quinn grew up in the country, separated from society and living under strict rules and the eagle eye of her grandmother, Piper lived the perfect suburban life, with dotting parents and a fantastic boyfriend.

As we face one perfect life and one desperate one we are simply left to follow along and wait to see who desires what more.

We Give Book Of Lies Four Stars

Cover price £7.99

Available as an eBook

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