Broken Throne, by Victoria Averyard

As Victoria Averyard dives into the new world of the Realm Breaker series this final hurrah to the Red Queen series which made her a bookshelf name is a wonderful goodbye to the characters and world which made us all love her writting.

This collection of short stories covers events from before the Red Queen series's opening, during and the aftermath, enlightening readers to the events of this world which the series could not cover. Interlaced between each short story the notes of one main character, Julian, give us insight into the world at large and it's intricate history. This wonderful exploration into the backstory and depths of this world is somthing any fan will want to read and re-read. Averyard has truely explored the greatest depths of this world in this story collection.

While the first two short story entrants in this collection, Queen Song and Steel Scars, were previously published in the Cruel Crown short story collection, new stories World Behind, Iron Heart and Fire Light answer the pressing questions readers were left with after the series ended.

From the blurb; 'An unseated King, searches for meaning in a world altered by war.

'Enemy Brothers clash one final time.

'A doomed Queen pens words of hope to her future son.

'A silver Princess trusts a Red captain with her life in the chaos of an unknown land.

'A young Scarlet Guard Captain finds a glimmer of hope that will light a rebellion.

'And a hero whose spark started a revolution discovers where she belongs in peace.

'A collection of Red Queen stories and artifacts.'

This book offers a chance to reconnect with characters Evangeline, Elane, Cal and Mare as they explroe the new world of Montofort and begin the efforts of rebuilding their home. With the extra features of maps and memo texts this collection is a true joy to any Red Queen fan.

We Give Broken Throne Four Stars

Cover Price - £8.99 ISBN - 978-1-4091-7603-9 Published by Orion Fiction

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