Dark Blue Rising, Teri Terry

Climate change effects us all, but how do we make everyday citizens, and big corporations, care about this catastrophic event? Teri Terry explores an extreme ideology in this spellbinding novel.

Dark Blue Rising is a well written, well conceived, novel which offers many things, some which we do not expect.

Our main character lives a shielded, curious, life which in itself holds a great number of curiosities for any reader, yet the twists her life takes in this novel explore a great deal more curiosities than we could ever have imagined.

When our main character, Tabby, is torn away from the life she's always known Teri Terry draws us into believing that this story, though tragic in nature, is one grounded in a harsh reality all of us hope will never happen to one we love. However, as we delve deeper, finding ourselves relaxing into what we believe this story-line to be, Terry confounds us with a glorious twist.

Who can you trust when you have been kept away from society? Who can you trust when the one person you always had faith in is gone? Do you loose yourself into what everyone else is telling you you should be or are there truths buried under all of the layers of your personality which should rule over others expectations?

The last third of this novel takes a shockingly dark turn, as Terry unveils the true story buried under the one we've been reading, and leaves us gasping for air as we try to untangle a web of knots that runs deeper than we could have ever anticipated.

Cementing her position as an author who can take real life topics and turn them into glorious fiction, Dark Blue Rising, leaves no doubt that if extreme environmentalists could, they would, and Teri Terry leaves us questioning if they would even be wrong.


'Tabby's life is turned upside down, ripped away from the woman she called her mother. She finds solace in the ocean, but there's something wrong. What is the symbol of interlocking circles that follows her everywhere? To learn the truth, Tabby must uncover the terrible lies about her past. And the secret hidden in her DNA.'

With the sequel to Dark Blue Rising coming soon we urge you to dive into this complex world as soon as possible.

We give Dark Blue Rising Four Stars

ISBN - 978-1-444-95710-5 Cover price - £7.99

eBook available

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