Deathnote; Another note. The Los Angeles BB murder cases, by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

A partner short novel to the Death Note graphic novel series, The Los Angeles BB murder cases is both an additional story and a standalone novel. 

For those who have read Death Note, or watched the film adaptations, the BB Murder Cases is a great opportunity to learn more about the mysterious character L. However, this book is just as enjoyable without having background knowledge of the previous series. 

Full of tantalising moments, and a puzzle that the best of minds struggles to solve, this book is a proper problem solving adventure.

There is a serial killer loose in Los Angeles and the local authorities need help fast. For an unknown reason the killer has been leaving a string of clues at each awful crime scene, but the clues are maddeningly arcane and seemingly impossible to solve. Each clue would appear to point to the next crime scene, and if they can crack the clues they’ll catch their killer.

L is called in, he’s a mysterious genius with peculiar working habits. L is an accredit to the investigation, although no one has ever seen his face, he is the worlds most decorated detective and has never failed to solve a case.

This time, however, L needs help and calls in FBI agent Naomi Misora. As L starts to snoop around the city of Los Angeles it soon becomes apparent that the killing spree has been designed just for him, in a battle of wits. Stuck between the killer and the investigator it’s up to Misora to solve the case.

Full of delightful suspense this novel will have you trying to solve the crimes before the investigator, while trying to piece together the mysterious back story between L and the killer.

Although this book is text based we are still treated to the beautiful artwork of Takeshi Obata, which when combined with the beautifully sculpted storyline creates an astonishing story.

This is the perfect clash of modern Bond and Sherlock, certainly not a book to miss for the crime fiction, and mystery fan.

We Give The Loss Angeles BB Murder Cases Five Stars

ISBN – 978-1-4215-1883-1 Cover price - £9.99

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