Dustlands Trilogy, by Moira Young

Updated: Mar 31

It is obvious that Moira Young took great care in crafting the Dustlands novels, each book is written in inperfect English, clean enough to understand but with spelling mistakes which imply the accent and lack of learning of our main character.

Successfully written like the running monologue of a person’s thoughts, Blood Red Road, Rebel Heart and Raging Star are action filled books, filled with drama, shock, awe and a new world unlike any we’ve seen before.

Our story is told to us by main character Saba. In this world there are no laws and when her twin brother is taken she pursues his captors alone through dangerous and wild wastelands.

We follow her as she faces many trials, risking her life for the brother she cannot be sure is still alive. Saba must become a warrior in her own right to survive. She can trust no one, not even the thief who saves her life.

Young presents us with a raw, strong character in these books, giving us a young woman who will literally go to the ends of the earth for her brother, in an amazing adventure that’s so fast paced you’ll struggle to keep up.

In the first book, Blood Red Road, Saba is a bit too fool-hardy, making choices that cause the reader to cringe with their sheer naivety, but when we join her again in Rebel Heart she has become something quite new.

Still the raw, mouthy character we fell in love with in the first novel Saba has become a true warrior in Rebel Heart, an Angel of Death.

We join her as she changes the face of the corrupt world she lives in, ending in a climactic battle in Raging Star where the secrets and love Sabas life has revolved around are thrown into the open, and her hopes and future are laid bare for all to see.

Although a brilliant story filled with stunning characters, Dustlands use of language can begin to grate, asking the reader to constantly mentally translate words that are sometimes so confounding it is impossible to grasp what is really happening.

Language aside however, these books come together to tell a triumphant story of a brave, strong character in a bitter and cruel world.

We Give The Dustlands Trilogy Three Stars

Blood Red Road;

ISBN – 978-1-407124-26-1 Cover price - £7.00 Available as an eBook

Rebel Heart;

ISBN – 978-1-407124-36-0 Cover price - £7.99 Available as an eBook

Raging Star;

ISBN – 978-1-407136-77-6 Cover price - £7.99 Available as an eBook

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