Fields of Blueflax, by Sue Lawrence

A book of two times Fields of Blueflax combines stories of the past and present into one heart stopping story.

Sue Lawrence uses her brilliantly rendered characters, and their lives, to drive this story of plot twists and turns as she explores the mirroring of two separate lives, decades apart, and the secrets their seemingly average households contain.

Seamlessly transitioning from past to present between chapters this novel takes two stories and makes them rely on each other to get to the truth in a wonderful imagining of humanity.

From the blurb;

‘Cousins Christine and Mage are close friends despite being complete opposites; one conventional and controlling, the other bohemian and easy-going. As life with husbands and children intertwine, they are initially excited when their research into family history uncovers a forgotten relative, Elizabeth Barrie, born 150 years ago in an Angus village. But Elizabeth’s origins aren’t what they appear to be, hiding a shocking scandal withing a seemingly respectable family. ‘Unprepared for what they will discover about their relative, the truth at the heart of Elizabeth’s story mirrors the cousins own unravelling family lives. Mags and Christine find out in different ways that uncovering a family’s past can have unexpected and irrevocable consequences for those living in the present.’

Wonderfully written Fields of Blueflax will have every reader looking again at their own family tree and wondering what secrets lay buried in the past.

We Give Fields of Blueflax Four Stars

ISBN – 978-1-910449-10-3 Cover Price - £8.99 Published by Freight Books

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