Finding Erin, by Evangeline Duran Fuentes

A powerful and inspiring tale which will remain with readers long after reading.

From the blurb;

'In her mind, she had lost everything. In their minds, she was everything. Could she find herself in their world, or would she remain alone in hers? Inspired by the author’s own story, Finding Erin is the story of a woman who loses her memory and must find her life all over again.'

About the Author;

Evangeline Duran Fuentes is a Native of Southern California. She was born and raised in the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles and now resides in beautiful Torrance, CA. Wife, mother and grandmother, she considers herself a 'Story Teller' and is now publishing her stories so that children and adults alike, may cross thresholds into the diverse worlds that she has fabricated in her mind and heart.

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About the book;

Buy it on Amazon here: Paperback cover price from $8.99

Written in English. 212 pages long. Published in 2018. Adult Literary Fiction ISBN - 978-0692196250


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