Generation Dead, by Daniel Waters

Updated: Mar 31

While it’s easy to consider zombies an overdone cliché in the world of fiction Daniel Waters book proposes a new twist on the much-loved trope.

Written well Generation Dead is not the apocalypse style zombie world we’re all accustomed too, but one that imagines zombies as returned members of society and explores all the ways that that society ostracizes its newly returned living.

From the blurb;

‘All over the country, teenagers who die aren’t staying dead. ‘Against her better judgement, Phoebe finds herself drawn to Tommy Williams. He’s gorgeous, funny, on the football team. And dead. ‘But not everybody is as accepting as Phoebe. There are those who would like to rid the community of this sinister phenomenon, and they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.’

With beautifully rendered characters this intriguing take on the idea of zombies will spellbind any reader from beginning to end.

This compelling novel explores, through a gruesome fantasy setting in a modern-day world, the realities of discrimination and prejudice. Readers will be left with a lot to think about after closing the last page of Generation Dead, and very little of it is to do with surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

We Give Generation Dead Two Stars

ISBN – 978-1-84738-327-3 Cover Price - £6.99 Published by Simon and Schuster.

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