Goby The Goblin, by Sue Ellis

Unique children’s fantasy book. Follow the adventures of a little goblin called Goby.

From the blurb;

'It is a misconception that all goblins are bad, this simply isn't true.They are not all ugly, gnarled, nasty little creatures that only want to cause trouble and misery.The goblins from the Three Realms live in an enchanted land, full of wizardry and magic. Goby is a Pumple goblin and lives within the Gravern tree deep in Kracklewood, under the majestic Galamide mountain range.He is a bright green little goblin with oversized ears that his friend Squiggle (a booquar), often likes to snuggle under and fall asleep.Follow Goby on his adventures and see how he helps to reunite the Three Realms of the goblins, with the support of his unusual friends and others he meets along the way.'

About the author;

Sue Ellis lives in Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire, and is currently writing the much awaited sequel to Goby the Goblin.

About the book;

Buy it on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1914078640

Available on kindle from £3.99

Paperback cover price from £8.04

Hardback cover price from £14.50

Written in English.

270 pages long.

Published in 2021.

YA Fantasy.

ISBN - ‎978-1914078644


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