Graceling The Graphic Novel, by Kristin Cashore and Gareth Hinds.

The Graceling series shot Kristin Cashore onto our bookshelves and introduced us all to an intricate fantasy world packed with stunning characters. Recently Cashore has continued the series with Winterkeep, making this the perfect time to go back and relive the story.

Award-winning artist Gareth Hinds has taken Cashore's words and transformed them into a gorgeous illistrated gem, bringing this world to life exactly as we all pictured it in our minds.

With the fight scenes reduced to imagery this short and enjoyable read brings to life the romance that the original novel so subtley built into every page.

From the blurb; 'Katsa is a Graceling, one of the rare people born with an extreme skill. As the neice of the king, she lived a life of privilege until the banquet. Now she acts as her uncle's enforcer, traveling the kingdom and threatening those who dare oppose him.

'But everything changes when she meets Po, a foreign prince Graced with combat skills who is searching for the truth about his grandfather's disappearance. When Katse agrees to help him, she never expects to learn a new truth about her own Grace, or about a terrible secret that could destroy them all.'

Whether you want to dive back into the first Graceling novel before reading Winterkeep or are looking for a new graphic read, the illistrated Graceling novel is a brilliant addition to anyones reading list.

We give Graceling the Graphic Novel Five Stars

Cover price - $17.99 ISBN - 978-0-358-25047-0 Published by, Hourghton Mifflin Harcourt

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