Half Bad, by Sally Green

Half bad is a refreshingly different YA novel. Sally Green imbues this novel with powerful voice and brilliantly crafted characters so that no reader will be able to put it down once they’ve started reading.

From the blurb;

'Meet Nathan Bryn.

'He's half White Witch, half Black Witch,

'His Mother was a healer, his Father is a killer.

'He's been kept in a cage since he was fourteen.

'But if White Witches are good and Black Witches are evil... what happens if you are both?'

Based very much in the contemporary real world these novels add a hint of magic to our world view and open themselves through the fantasy lens to conversations of class, racism and political control.

Green debuts with brilliant style in Half Bad, creating a character who we feel for and an adventure we can’t help but route for. Following Nathan’s growth from small innocent child into resentful youth leaves us desperate for more as we hope to see him bloom into his own strength in the second novel.

We strongly advice reading Half Bad before the series hits Netflix.

We give Half Bag Five Stars.

ISBN - 978-0-141-35086-8 Cover Price - £7.99

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