Half Wild, by Sally Green

After the explosion of Half Bad any reader of Sally Green will be desperate to get their hands on the second novel in the trilogy Half Wild.

From the blurb;

'Nathan Byrn is on the run.

'White Witches hunt him. Black Witches hate him.

'His gift from his murderous Father is a wild new power he can't control.

'He must find the girl he loves who may have betrayed him.

'In a war between Black and White Witches, with his loyalties split between both, the greatest danger Nathan faces might be himself.'

Following on a few weeks later from where we left Nathan in Half Bad, Half Wild is a by far slower burn that the quick paced first novel. However after the first quarter, and with the introduction of a new cast of characters, Half Wild comes into it’s own and begins to run at the same pace as it’s predecessor.

Written in the same style as Half Bad Sally Green continues to show of her unique and brilliantly crafted voice in Half Wild, bringing even greater depth to her already very real cast of characters.

While Half Bad opened the door to the questions of sexuality Half Wild doubles down on these thoughts and begins to build a romantic edge which we can’t help but cheer for. While Nathan struggles to understand his feelings though he continues to dig himself deeper into the battle of White vs Black Witch bringing this novel to an explosive conclusion that will leave readers desperate for more.

We Give Half Wild Four Stars.

ISBN - 978-0-141-35088-2 Cover Price - £7.99

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