Halo: New Blood, by Matt Forbeck.

A way for lovers of the Halo game to explore deeper into the universe of Halo, the Halo books, written by a range of authors, are fundamental reads for any true lover of the Halo storyline. Halo: New Blood is no different, and makes itself a must read for any player of the Halo Five game.

Though based on the stunning game series the Halo books remain accessible and fantastic scfi-fantasy reads for any fan of the genre. Matt Forbeck’s brilliant writing style and passion for the concept and the universe shines through in this brilliant short novel as he dives head first into some more complex side stories outside of the Master Chief’s arc.

Opening our eyes to different characters, ways of life and the going’s on in the background of the Master Chief’s own story arc Halo: New Blood will fill the gaps for gamers while offering a peak into a complex and fantastic universe for readers.

From the blurb:

“When the United Nations Space Command decide to create a new generation of Spartans to defend humanity from threats both outside and within, they come to Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck with an extraordinary proposition. With the Covenant War finally over, is it time for him to retire to the sidelines for a life he could only dream about...or is he prepared to step up and become part of the military's new blood?”

Exploring Buck’s back story we get a glimpse into the actions of the United Nations Space Command long after Master Chief has separated himself from the organisation. We further get to see what’s happening on the side of the science and the fraught battles that are still quietly rageing outside of the main game story arc.

For readers of the book series Halo: New Blood stands somewhat apart from the other books. Allowing readers to jump in here or read it at any stage through their pursuit of the main books.

The world’s which Forbeck creates in this novel are so beautifully described that they may as well be in 4K, while the characters are opened up to us, their inner struggles spilled across the paper and giving us a true emersion into this fantasy future.

We Give Halo: New Blood Four Stars.

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