Heart of Dread series, by Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston

Updated: Mar 31

Enter a frozen world where survival is paramount, and where the people dream of a better land where the world is still warm and life can thrive.

Frozen and Stolen are genius collaborations, resulting in a dark, cold world where life hangs in the balance, and being poor is a death sentence. Magic is present in this world, but an army of men ensures that it becomes no more than a glimmer, creating fear in a beaten down population.

From the blurb;

'Our main characters Natasha Kestal and Wes cross paths in the city of New Vegas, a frozen city of gambling, smuggling and deceit.

Natasha is desperate to find a way out of New Vegas, like many she has heard of the mythical land where the sun still shines and the water flows, known as the Blue.

For Natasha the Blue is more than a dream, it is her only chance of survival, her way to escape those who know her darkest secrets.

When Natasha and Wes meet it’s an opportunity neither of them can miss, but it may cost their lives to get to the Blue, if it even exists.'

In this thrilling first instalment to the Heart of Dread series we get a full insight into the horrors of this world and the secrets that can tear it apart.

Stolen brings us back to their story, but this time Natasha is not the lost girl we knew from Frozen, in Stolen we enjoy seeing the power and the fight in this character put to good use as she wages war against an army which will never stop coming.

In Stolen, we see these two characters grow ever further, their lives forever in the balance as they fight for a better world and a new dawn.

These books are a fantastic adventure in a world which has suffered greatly. Amongst the magic and the mystery Johnston and Cruz make us ask ourselves what we would sacrifice for a better world, and whether we are treating our own planet with the respect it deserves.

The perfect read to cool you down and keep you entertained during a hot summer’s day.

We Give The Heart Of Dread Series Three Stars


ISBN – 978-1-40833-466-9 Cover price - £6.99 Available as an eBook


ISBN – 978-1-40833-442-3 Cover price - £6.99 Avalible as an eBook

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