Into The Water, by Paula Hawkins

After the success of her first explosive thriller, The Girl On The Train, Into the Water meets the level of intensity we were hoping for from Hawkins.

A true thriller this novel dives into a world turned upside down by tragedy and while we struggle with our main characters to figure out what really happened we are left trying to piece together the seemingly disjointed elements of this characters life. As every guess we make draws into yet another dead end we’re left completely at the hands of Hawkins as she spins her web around us. Concocting her dramatic tale of subterfuge, doubt and reckoning.

From the blurb;

“Just days before her sister plunged to her death, Jules ignored her call. Now Nel is dead. They say she jumped. And Jules must return to her sister's house to care for her daughter, and to face the mystery of Nel's death. But Jules is afraid. Of her long-buried memories, of the old Mill House, of this small town that is drowning in secrecy . . . And of knowing that Nel would never have jumped.”

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly written thriller and Paula Hawkins has this talent down to a T. With plot twists which will make you gasp aloud, shock turns that will have you wondering how you didn’t see them before and a satisfying ending, Into The Water has everything a mystery lover needs.

We Give Into The Water Four Stars.

ISBN - 978-1-7841-6224-5 Cover Price - £7.99 Available as an eBook

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