Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre is a forever classic. Though the book itself offers many of the dry tones of its time of publication in 1847, the storyline is eternal. Nothing quiet meets the gothic shades of this story; the foreboding undertones which ring throughout keeping us on the edge of our seats; this story offers all of the vibes of a horror story while gifting us a romance.

An orphan who endures a harsh childhood, Jane Eyre becomes governess at Thornfield Hall in the employment of the mysterious Mr. Rochester.

While you wait to see where the plot twists will take you your heart goes out to main character Jane as she struggles to find her place in the world. Her caring nature vying against her incredible warrior like strength. Ultimately these two traits are what make her desirable to her employer Mr Rochester, though his own dark secrets keep him from pursuing his passions.

When her life is put on the line Jane chooses to fight for what she desires. Only when her heart is broken does she run from the nightmare that is Thornfield Hall.

This glimpse into the past explores the complex time people had with relationships, from children to illness. This novel covers the complexity of mental health issues, exploring the difficulties that family faced against the struggles that at the time were not manageable.

Translated into numerous movies and TV shows the passion for Charlotte Bronte’s story has survived the ages and made history for all storytellers.

We give Jane Eyre Five Stars.

ISBN - 978-1-85326-020-9 Cover Price - £6.99 Available as an eBook

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