Koyasan, by Darren Shan

Updated: Mar 31

Easily overlooked this World Book Day release should be on every Darren Shan fans bookshelf.

At only 107 pages this short, but captivating, read will stay with readers years after finishing. Exploring the dark realm of the dead and the spirts that linger there, for many readers this edge of the seat story will find its way into their dreams and haunt them when things go bump in the night.

From the blurb;

‘The boys and girls in the graveyard were shouting, buy Koyasan no longer heard them. The world had become a wide, grey void. She should hear the deep rasping sounds, the breath of creatures which had been human once but weren’t anymore.

‘Koyasan is too scared to cross the bridge and play in the graveyard like the other children. But when her sister’s soul is stolen, she must find the courage to enter a realm of evil, shape-shifting spirits.’

Dark and twisting this novella truly shows the power of short story writing. Shan gives this novel his best writing, with fierce characters you can’t help but route for, and a world so beautifully rendered you hardly have to imagine it at all.

We Give Koyasan Five Stars

ISBN – 0-00-722138-x Cover Price - £1.00 Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books.

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