Legend Trilogy, by Marie Lu

Updated: Mar 31

This outstanding trilogy will take you on a journey where two sides, the poor and the rich must come together to find the truth.

Legend, Prodigy and Champion are the story's of two very different characters, from very different worlds. Through a wonderfully crafted storyline and stunning characters, Marie Lu crafts a series that you won’t be able to put down and will want to tell everyone about.

All three of the books are written through the changing perspectives of our two main characters, Day and June Iparis, both of them the best of their kind, both of them set out against each other. Lu pulls off the switch between characters in rotating chapters flawlessly, giving us a full, rounded view of each situation and achieving the difficult balance between two very different characters.

In legend, the first book, Day and June’s lives cross. They knew about each other from rumour but when they meet neither know who the other is.

From the blurb;

'On the run and undercover they meet by chance, and are irresistibly drawn together. But Day murdered June’s brother and June has sworn to avenge his death. '

In this first book tensions run high as two enemies become something more, leaving the reader on edge about what they’ll do when they realise who the other really is.

Lu crafts these characters so well that it is impossible to take a side, both are fighting for the same thing, in different ways.

We follow them throughout the series as they uncover truths about the world they live in that change everything. As they change their own views on the opposing side, fighting between their own loyalties and their building appreciation, respect and love for one another.

The series finishes with an explosive, climatic end in Champion where the two are pinned against each other once more and must decide, finally, where they stand in this political maelstrom of a world.

In the Legend trilogy see YA fiction at its best.

We Give The Legend Trilogy Four Stars


ISBN – 978-0-141-33960-3 Cover price - £7.99


ISBN – 978-0-141-33957-3 Cover price - £7.99


ISBN – 978-0-141-33962-7 Cover price - £7.99

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