Lyrebird, by Cecelia Ahern

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Cecelia Ahern’s most recent novel Lyrebird asks the reader to question why they consider certain personality traits to be normal and others abnormal.

Based around main character Laura, Lyrebird is based in Ireland. Laura is a young woman who lives deep in the woods of a rugged mountain range in South-West Ireland. Living alone and secluded from the world for her entire life Laura possesses an extraordinary talent, that when discovered takes the world by swarm and sweeps Laura off of her feet.

Thrust into the public eyes Laura finds herself the Lyrebird.

Discovered by Solomon, when he stumbles into Laura’s solitary existence, he unwittingly throws her life upside down.

While Solomon knows the world will embrace Laura, will it set her free or put her in a gilded cage in its attempts to understand her?

This novel has all of Aherns classic style and embraces the reader into the hectic world of overnight fame. While casting Laura in the role of innocence and curiosity, Ahern makes Solomon the rock in her storm of a life.

While the story plays out, engrossing any reader in a world that is very relatable to our own we are forced to ask how we would deal with a person like Laura in our lives. We are made to question whether the way Laura sees and interacts with the world is better than the way we see it, whether it is a gift of the curse and then to ask ourselves why it matters.

The story is beautifully crafted and filled with deep consideration and intense thought.

Though a marvelous addition to Ahrens ever growing portfolio Lyrebird does fail to grip the reader with the emotional impact of some of her previous novels, instead focusing more on social interactions and society’s role in the way we judge individuals.

Though continuing a beautiful romance, spell binding beauty, elegant description and well-formed characters this is a novel to make you question your role in society.

An important entry in modern fiction, Lyrebird deserves to be on any avid fiction fans reading list.

We Give Lyrebird Four Stars

Available as an eBook.

Cover price £8.99

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