Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer

Did we need a return to the world of Twilight? Did we need to know the story from Edwards perspective? Definitely not. Did we buy the hardback and read it anyway? Most certainly.

Lets be honest, even those of us who have zero interest in the Twilight saga, as books or films, know somewhat of what it's about.

Stephenie Meyer stole headlines with the release of 756 page, absolute brick of a book, Midnight Sun, and to be honest she couldn't have chosen a better book to write to recapture peoples attention.

Based from the view point of previous love interest, and main character, Edward Cullen, Meyer delivers the masterstroke of second telling in a story. Gifted with the ability to read minds reading the story from Edward Cullen's perspective is really an opportunity to read the story from everyone's perspective; aside from that of Bella Swan's, though of course all the other books are from her voice making this issue null the moment it's mentioned.

This insight into the inner workings of every character, exploring their reactions to every scenario, the complexities of their thoughts, and their hidden motivations adds a depth to the story which was unattainable in the first book.

Removed from the self-conflicted, somewhat muted, voice of Bella Swan we're thrown into a version of Twilight that holds a forceful undertone and a complex history which we only touched upon previously.

Additionally Meyer takes the opportunity to make greatly loved, yet little explored, characters into greater points of intrigue. The inner workings of Bella Swan's parents proving to be a highly interesting topic we long to explore at greater depths.

We're also introduced to more action packed scenes, and the 'behind the scenes' moments when Bella Swan was asleep, knocked out or otherwise incapacitated.

All of this being said it remains that Midnight Sun is a great book if you're interested in the series overall. If you're not excited to know some of the greater depths to this world than all this novel remains is a long, agitating read. At many points it is hard to get through Edwards self deprecating, spiraling, thoughts. Especially knowing exactly whats going to happen. Not just in this book; a large novel only covering the events of the first book in the saga; but in the end of their story overall.

The main interest this book peaks is a desire to see a follow up to where the series left us. A novel exploring the distant future of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen which shifts between their two individual perspectives chapter on chapter and offers us a glimpse into a realised vampire existence outside of the romantic drama which fueled the series.

Meyer remains a perfectly good writer, with intriguing ideas, yet her return to these droll characters, at their greatest point of stifled, leaves much to be desired.

We give Midnight Sun Two Stars.

ISBN - 978-0-349-00362-7

Hardback cover price - £20.00

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