Mind Games, by Teri Terry

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Mind Games is a must read for any YA fiction fan. Exploring a futuristic world where technology and the people behind it holds greater sway over society than the government that is supposed to lead them, Mind Games will captivate any audience and leave them hungry for more.

Teri Terry’s unique writing style brings this novel, and its main character Luna, to life making it an addictive read.

Luna is a hard headed, independent character with a secret. She’s different, but no one must find out.

In this world you must play by their game, or it could cost you your life.

But will Luna discover her true destiny in time to save the ones she loves?

We join Luna as she lives her normal life, or at least the life she has grown accustomed to living. She has a lot of questions, and although Luna is incredibly smart, none of them seem to be the right ones.

But when Luna gets swept away on a mission to find the truth, everything changes, and it may not change for the better.

Luna goes through great strive to achieve her goal, making this novel even more impossible to put down but pumping the reader with adrenaline and leaving them desperate to find out what happens next at the end of every cliff hanger chapter.

But when Lunas life is turned upside down can she really trust the people who have supposedly saved her? Or is she just a pawn in everyone’s games?

This heart pounding novel has plot twists full of surprise and moments of great joy that lift readers up, only for Terry to send us crashing back to earth with a traumatic discovery.

An excellent novel that explores power, corruption and control.

We Give Mind Games Five Stars

ISBN – 978-1-40833-425-6 Cover price - £6.99 Available as an eBook

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