Mirror’s Edge, by Scott Westerfeld

Updated: Mar 31

Mirror’s Edge continues our exploration into Scott Westerfeld’s much loved Uglies universe. This second series in the universe has proven that Westerfeld has a lot more to give with this world.

In this third installment we finally are getting to the crux of this story. With main characters building to the final showdown Mirror’s Edge jumps right back into the action and reveals a greater depth to the world building and uncovers secrets that change the course of our main characters fates.

Be prepared to shed a few tears for Mirror’s Edge as Westerfeld puts his characters through their greatest struggles yet, and throws a few under the bus while he’s at it.

From the blurb;

‘Frey’s return to the city of her birth isn’t going to be an easy one. She must infiltrate Shreve by dropping from the sky and landing undetected – and must wear a new face and remodel her body to succeed.

Frey’s sister, Rafi – no longer a twin in features, but still a twin by birth – is the wild card. Are the sisters on the same side, or are they playing to their own agendas? If their father is deposed from Shreve, who will take control? And what other forces may be waiting in the wings?’

While the whole book remains a gripping page turner, with a flat-out-run tempo, it is the final chapter that will rock every reader’s world. Especially the final page, which gifts fans of the series a fantastic surprise.

We cannot bare to wait a year to the next installment and trust that Westerfeld will provide the explosive continuation Mirror’s Edge deserves.

We Give Mirror’s Edge Five Stars ISBN – 978-0-702310-44-7 Available as an eBook Cover price - £7.99 Published by Scholastic

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