Naondel, by Maria Turtschaninoff

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Naondel, The Red Abby Chronicles, is a series of diary entries from the women of The Red Abby and paints a gruesome picture of the lives that they have lived and survived. Maria Turtschaninoff crafts an incredible series of stories, combining them into a beautifully intelligent, dark and mystical story that will capture your every waking moment.

In the opulent palace of Ohaddin women have one purpose, to obey.

Some were brought here as girls, captured and enslaved; some as servants; some as wives. All of them must do what the Master tells them, for he wields a deadly and secret power.

But the women have powers too. One is a healer. One can control dreams. One is a warrior. One can see everything that is coming.

In their golden prison, the women wait. They plan. They write down their stories. They dream of a refuge, a safe place where girls can be free.

And, finally, when the moon glows red, they will have their revenge.

A brutal story of survival, loss and independence. Turtschaninoff carefully compiles the stories of multiple, and very different, characters in their shared fight against the same great evil.

This is the story of how The Red Abby was born and it will take your heart and your breath away.

An incredibly written, stunning and page turning novel that proudly proclaims Turtschaninoff’s skill as an author and incredible imagination.

We give Naondel Five Stars

Hard back cover price £12.99 Available as an eBook

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