Partials Series, by Dan Wells

Updated: Mar 31

Partials, Fragments and Ruins combine to create an astonishing storyline. Based in a futuristic view of our world, these books explore the dangers of genetically engineering animals and people, and the draw backs of this new science.

In this world the human population is almost entirely extinct, killed off by a violent virus which swept the world and left a few colonies of people clinging to survival. However, the survivors cannot have children, every child born dies shortly afterwards, no matter how hard they try to save them. Meanwhile the Partials, the left over test-tube grown population of the world, are also dying out, desperate to find a cure. The partials are at war with the humans, but they are also at war with each other.

In this view of the future, Wells creates a journey that you won’t want to miss, and which will leave you in awe.

Kiera, our main character throughout the three books, is sixteen-years-old and trapped on Long Island. Her community clings to survival, but with little hope as no baby survives longer than three-days.

Kiera is determined to make a difference, to find the cure which will save them all. Her best friend is pregnant and Kiera is running out of time to save the child, but finding the cure means capturing their enemy, a Partial.

We follow Kiera as she sets out to discover the cure to save the human race, and join her as she learns secrets from her past and of this world that change everything.

Where Partials is a curious start, entrapping us into a storyline with depth and mystery, Fragments and Ruins are roller-coaster rides. Kiera stands on the brink of an all-out war, but she also holds the key to survival for both sides.

Wells surprises us throughout this series with plot twists so unexpected they’ll shock you. Meanwhile, he creates a detailed view of a future Earth after the destruction of war, and the chaos of mass-death.

A beautiful and action packed adventure, these books are an honest joy to read.

We Give The Partials Series Four Stars


ISBN – 978-0-00-746522-4 Cover price - £6.99


ISBN – 978-0-00-746523-1 Cover price - £7.99


ISBN – 978-0-00-746524-8 Cover price - £7.99

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