Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

Realm Breaker is a very different book for Victoria Aveyard. Coming in at 568 pages this novel sits on the fringes of High Fantasy, with an incredible range of characters spanning a complex world and mind blowing magical world building Realm Breaker is a consuming read.

From the blurb;

‘A strange darkness is growing in the Ward. Even Corayne an-Amarat can feel it, tucked away in her small town at the edge of the sea.

Fate knocks on her door, in the form of a mythical immortal and a lethal assassin, who tell Corayne that she is the last of an ancient lineage – with the power to save the world from destruction.

Because a man who would burn kingdoms to the ground is raising an army unlike any seen before, bent on uprooting the foundations of the world. With the poison in his heart and a stolen sword in his hand, he’ll break the realm itself to claim it. And only Corayne can stop him.

Alongside an unlikely group of reluctant allies, Corayne finds herself on a desperate journey to complete an impossible task, with untold magic singing in her blood and the fate of the world on her shoulders.’

While this novel sets up a complicated world, introducing several main characters and giving us a glimpse of their back stories, we are left hoping that the second book in the series comes through stronger.

This book is a great read but leaves the door open to great improvement in the coming novels of the series.

We look forward to seeing where Aveyard takes this story line.

P.S. The Hardback of this book contains beautiful coloured maps!

We Give Realm Breaker Four Stars ISBN – 978-1-4091-9394-4 Hardback Cover Price - £16.99 Published by Orion

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