Roar, by Cecelia Ahern.

Known more for her stunning romantic novels Cecelia Ahern gifts us with a series of incredibly written and well explored short stories in Roar.

With all short story collections there is always and underlying expectation that at least one of the stories will not be for you; however with Roar every story explores a different element of female life. Of women’s place in society. And while each story offers a fantasy edge there is no woman who can read this book a not recognise their truth in its tales.

Cecelia Ahern boldly explores the inequalities faced by women in today’s society. She opens the door to difficult conversations and while this book remains a satisfying read for any woman it’s importance to society as a whole is undeniable.

Whether you’re a woman left on the shelf or stuck in a pigeon hole you’ll see the small to the larger difficulties you thought you faced alone in this pages.

As ever with Ahern these stories are beautifully written, the characters neatly crafted and the impression of the world so well analysed that you’ll drift away into this book and forget for a moment that you’re reading and not living these tales.

We give Roar Four Stars.

ISBN - 978-0-00-828349-0 Hardback Cover Price - £12.99 Available as an eBook

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