Sisters Red, Jackson Pearce,

Updated: Mar 31

Jackson Pearce has taken the fairy tales that we were all raised on and turned them into incredibly powerful, modern, stories with a whole new twist. Her series of novels stand each as strong stand-alone novels, and together create a complex and incredibly subtly joined world which any reader will want to immerse themselves into.

Sisters Red is one of the best in this series, filled with incredible action and a strong, kick ass, storyline with powerful and intriguing characters.

From the blurb;

'Countless teenage girls have been brutally murdered, and Scarlett and Rosie March know how they died, torn apart by werewolves. For Scarlett, the memories of a similar attack has left not just emotional scars, but physical ones. The sisters fight side by side to save others from the same fate.

When the mysterious and brooding Silas arrives he inadvertently causes a series of events that could endanger them all. As passion grows between Rosie and Silas, Scarlett uncovers some shocking secrets that could tear the sisters apart, one way or another. '

This novel will leave you wanting more from Jackson Pearce, and give you a whole new perspective of a much loved fable.

We give Sister Red, Four stars.

Cover price - £6.99 ISBN – 978-1-444-90060-6

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