Skyhunter, Marie Lu

Marie Lu can do nothing but astound with her novels, and proves she still has a lot to give with Skyhunter.

At first Skyhunter rings reminiscent of popular anime Attack On Titan. Action packed, with incredible fighting gear and horrifying odds, we're dropped into a world at war. One where our main characters are at odds with a devastating force, holding back a tide which seems impossible to stop, and fighting not just for their own lives but for those of everyone.

The first chapter of this book alone is shattering, the second is the hook and the third opens this world to us.

In Skyhunter Lu creates a world which is all consuming, and a society which reflects our own in bitterly tragic ways.

Touching on racial discrimination, in particular the treatment of refugees, Lu reveals some of the harsher realities of real world life amongst the pages of this otherwise fantasy fiction.

Our main character is someone we immediately feel for, believe in and are desperate to succeed. Her journey throughout the novel remains far from easy, but is gripping, drawing us into this dark, threatening world, and keeping us at the edge of our seat throughout.

There is little that can be said about Skyhunter without giving away the majesty of its surprises; which are aplenty and fill the book with glorious twist after glorious twist; so I shall leave you with the fact that it is an outstanding addition to Lu's portfolio and the blurb;

'In a world broken by war, a team of young warriors is willing to sacrifice everything to save what they love.

'The Karensa Federation has conquered a dozen countries, leaving Mara as one of the last free nations in the world. Refugees flee to its borders to escape a fate worse than death; transformation into mutant war beasts known as Ghosts, creatures the Federation then sends to attack Mara.

'The legendary Strickers, Mara's elite fighting force, are trained to stop them. But as the number of Ghosts grows and Karensa closes in, defeat seems inevitable.

'Still one Stricker refuses to give up hope.

'Robbed of her voice and home, Talin Kanami knows firsthand the brutality of the Federation. Their cruelty forced her and her mother to seek asylum in a country that considers their people repugnant. She finds comfort only with a handful of fellow Strickers who have pledged their lives to one another and who are determined to push Karensa back at all costs.

'When a mysterious prisoner is brought from the front, Talin senses there's more to him than meets the eye. Is he a spy from the Federation? Or could he be the weapon that will save them all?'

This book will leave you aching for more, and thankfully the second installment will be out soon. We can't wait and advice you to grab Skyhunter now while it's all still a mystery.

We give Skyhunter Four Stars.

ISBN - 978-1-250-22168-1

Hardback cover price - $19.99 US

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