Surrender None: The Legacy Of Gird, by Elizabeth Moon.

Possibly one of the greatest female fantasy writers of our time Elizabeth Moon explores the foundations of her fantastic world from The Deed Of Paksenarrion series in this explosive prequel.

Paksenarrion’s world could not have existed without the legendary Gird, and in this novel Elizabeeth Moon provides us with his incredibly fraught, stunning, life. The life which remade the world and created a warrior class unbeknown to all times before.

Gird, the peasant. Gird, the arsman. Gird, the Liberator, who taught his people that they could fight, and win, against oppression.

This story is nothing you expect it to be. Gird’s story is nothing you expect it to be. We follow him from childhood to the completion of his adventure when he is an older man. We follow Gird as he stands up to the world that has beaten him and his family down for generations. As Gird sets out to change all the things that have wronged him we are also welcomed into the greater complexities of this universe, and are treated to in-depth realisations about how the world came to be.

While any other writer would have chosen to jump into the change, the war, the struggle, Elizabeth Moon boldly gives us the more realistic story. Gird, a man who learnt at any early age how difficult the world would be and how low he and his families place it is first tries to live peacefully. For a long time this is a man who works and loves and lives in the small way that he has been allowed to live. However, after the world wrongs him in the worst way, Gird takes a stand. Finally after years of hardship Gird makes moves to change the world, and it is through his struggle that we truly appreciate his triumph.

Learn why Paksenarrion places her faith in Gird so greatly in this non stop fantastic novel. Once you get in you won’t be able to put it down.

We give Surrender None Five Stars.

ISBN - 1-84149-015-6 Cover Price - £6.99

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