The Confession by Jessie Burton

Jessie Burton has an incredible talent for writing fiction that feels real. Her characters, world building and storylines are tangible creature which will consume any readers mind and take over every available minute.

The Confession is a book which should be read on a completely free weekend because once opened it’s impossible to put down.

Split across two timelines, one current day and one thirties years in the past, The Confession reveals explores a mystery of a missing parent and the pain of falling in love.

From the blurb;

‘When Elise Morceau meets the writer Constance Holden, she quickly falls under her spell. Connie is sophisticated, bold and alluring – everything Elise feels she is not. She follows Connie to LA, but in this city of strange dreams and razzle-dazzle, Elise feels even more out of her depth and make an impulsive decision that will change her life forever.

Three decades later, Rose Simmons is trying to uncover the story of her mother, who disappeared when she was a baby. Having learned that the last person to see her was a now reclusive novelist, rose finds herself at the door of Constance Holden’s house in search of a confession.’

Burton’s understanding of people is so complete that the conversations and interactions in The Confession are recognisable with real life. There are moments every reader will recognise characters thoughts and conversations as things they themselves have said or thought, or even heard.

Through this incredible understanding of life and people Burton creates a captivating narrative which will draw any reader in.

We Give The Confession Five Stars ISBN – 9781509886197 Cover price - £8.99 Published by Picador

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