The Crane Wife, by Patrick Ness

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

George Duncan is a good man, and one night he is woken by a noise in his garden. When he goes outside he is greeted by an impossible sight, a crane has tumbled to the earth, shot through its wing by an arrow.

George finds himself unexpectedly moved by the site of this giant, beautiful creature and from the moment it flies away his life is changed forever.

The next day, a kind, enigmatic woman walks into George’s life, and suddenly a new world is opened up for him, especially when she starts to tell him the most extraordinary story.

Ness shows us his brilliant understanding of human nature again in this, his second, adult fiction novel.

Beautifully written, the Crane Wife is a story about good people. Grounded in our world, Ness adds a touch of his personal magic and brings this book to new heights of wonder, love and passion.

Unlike many of Ness’s works The Crane Wife is a wonderful, delicate story throughout and exhibits some of the brightest sides of love.

A joy to read The Crane Wife is a peaceful book, perfect for a relaxing trip away and wonderous in its beauty.

We Give The Crane Wife Three Stars

ISBN – 978-0-85786-871-8 Cover price (hard back) - £14.99

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