The Crash Of Hennington, by Patrick Ness

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Not for younger readers, The Crash Of Hennington is a very real look into some very real circumstances.

Based in the slightly unreal seaside metropolis of Hennington, where a herd of rhinocerors wonder city-streets and the current Mayor first met her husband on a nude beach, this novel is a brilliant story of real strife and love and pain in a fantastic world.

This story follows a selection of characters, each one with depth to be admired from any fictional character, and runs smoothly from one person to another in alternating chapters.

While this world is alien it reflects a lot of the world we know, with a fair part of the action engraved solidly in reality.

Ness uses the surrealism of this world to embed humour and whimsy throughout the story, while taking the realism to twist in the horrors of mortal life.

A beautiful exploration into the things people will do for a number of reasons there are parts of this book that will pull on your heart strings, others that will make you cringe and more that will fill you with bemused joy.

Ness shows off his abilities to write captivating fiction through this large adult novel and gives us a glimpse into the darker recesses of his mind.

Not a book to miss for avid Ness fans.

We Give The Crash Of Hennington Three Stars

ISBN – 978-0-00-729202-8

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