The Declaration, By Gemma Malley

Updated: Mar 31

Out of The Declaration trilogy the first book, The Declaration, is certainly the strongest. Gemma Malley imagines a future for our world and our people that rings with credibility even as it shocks and appals.

In a future where immortality is a consumer product where does that leave the children? Malley explores the dark ethics of a world where children are a burden on the state rather than a necessity in this dark fantasy. Dropping us straight into the heart of this dark future Malley gives us little time to catch up as we fight to understand what the world has become. With each chapter we, and our main characters, learn something new about how this world truly works while fighting to survive in it's loose-skinned bone-tight grip.

From the blurb;

‘Sixteen-year-old Anna lives in a brutal, oppressive Surplus Hall. She obeys all the rules and accepts her own fate; watching her masters achieve eternal life by the power of a pill called Longevity. But then a new inmate arrives. Mysterious, enigmatic and dangerous, he turns Anna’s solitary world upside down. Is she brave enough to believe that one Surplus girl and a boy who breaks the rules can change the world for ever?’

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with main character Anna as her narration carries us through this story. For her we turn each page hoping that on the other side a brighter future awaits.

Caught up in the fast pace of this novel it’s hard to put the story down once started, and with little hope of getting it out of their minds long after reading, The Delectation will change readers views on the topic of immortal life forever.

We Give The Declaration Four Stars.

ISBN – 978-1-4088-3688-0 Cover Price - £6.99 Published by Bloomsbury eBook Available

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