The Deed Of Paksenarrion Series, by Elizabeth Moon

Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, Divided Allegiance, and Oath Of Gold make up the three books in this astonishing fantasy series. Elizabeth Moon is a brilliant fantasy author, spinning the webs of complex worlds and taking her reads on immense adventures through beautiful lands.

The Deed Of Paksenarrion series follows main character Paksenarrion as she ventures out of her father’s homestead and into the army. We follow Paksenarrion as she struggles with being a woman in the military and as she grows in strength to become a fierce force in the army.

Paksenarrion is an incredible vision of female strength. For a genre which is often overridden by male adventures and masculine ambitions Elizabeth Moon proves through this astounding series that female warriors can be just a fierce, just as powerful and just as much of a role model as their male counterparts.

This fantasy series takes the core ideas of brilliant fantasy adventures and blends them with female struggles, creating a story of female empowerment. Elizabeth Moon’s astonishing writing style and outstanding character development blends brilliantly with her deep imagination and creative story building technique.

From the blurb, Sheepfarmer’s Daughter:

Paksenarrion defies her father's orders to marry the pig farmer down the road, instead, she's off to join the army. So her adventure begins - the adventure that transforms her into a hero chosen by the gods to restore a lost ruler to his throne.

From the blub, Divided Allegiance:

“Once a sheepfarmer's daughter, now a seasoned veteran, Paksenarrion has proved herself a formidable fighter. Years with Duke Phelan's company have taught her weaponry, discipline, and how to react as part of a military unit. Now, though, Paks feels spurred to a solitary destiny.

Against the odds she is accepted as a paladin-candidate by the Fellowship of Gird. Years of study will follow, for a paladin must be versed in diplomacy and magic as well as the fighting arts. But, before she is fully trained, Paks is called to her first mission: to seek out the fabled stronghold of Luap. The way is long, the dangers many - and no one knows whether she will find glory or ruin.”

From the blurb, Oath Of Gold:

“Paksenarrion - Paks for short - was somebody special. Never could she have followed her father's orders and married the pigfarmer down the road. Better a soldier's life than a pigfarmer's wife, and so though she knew that she could never go home again, Paks ran away to be a soldier. And so began an adventure destined to transform a simple Sheepfarmer's Daughter into a hero fit to be chosen by the gods.”

These stories combine to create a gripping adventure which moves from strength to strength, as we follow Paksenarrion we get to enjoy it as she grows, creates a better world in the footsteps of Gird and as she becomes a strong a powerful force in her own right worth following and worshipping.

We Give the Deed Of Paksenarrion Series Five Stars.

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