The Dreaming Place, by Charles De Lint

Fast paced and full of beautiful imagination this pocket read from Charles De Lint will happily fill a winters afternoon with curious delights.

At only 134 pages this small book packs one hell of a punch, the perfect read for lovers of intriguing fantasy, The Dreaming Place sucks you into a world of spellbinding magic ignited by the curious world of dreams.

From the blurb;

‘A young woman locked in rage yet seeking magic, Ash is drawn into a wonderous Otherworld of totems and dryads, living tarots and mystic charms.

‘But while Ash walks amongst the spirits, her cousin Nina is being stalked by an Otherworld Demon; a manitou who can force her mind and soul into the bodies of beasts.

‘Now, Ash must somehow reach inside herself, past her anger, to tap the full power of her magic; and save Nina before she becomes the manitou’s weapon, turning the faerie realm into an arctic wasteland.’

This beautifully written novella shifts seamlessly between our two main characters Nina and Ash to give the most impact to this gut wrenchingly fast story. Passionately written the characters in this magical urban fantasy feel real as they struggle to save themselves and the world they love.

We Give The Dreaming Place Four Stars

ISBN – 978-0-14-230218-7 Cover Price USA - $6.99 Published by the Penguin Group

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