The Goddess War Series by Kendare Blake

Updated: Mar 31

If you enjoy Greek mythology then look no further than the masterfully written Goddess War series by Kendare Blake.

Anitgoddess and Mortal Gods come together to form an action packed, heart-racing series which will leave readers wanting more.

Switching flawlessly between main characters these novels give a captivating insight into both the lives of gods and of mortals.

Surprisingly these books are based in today’s modern world, with cleaver throw backs to Greek mythological history. But these are not all powerful gods, these gods are fighting a losing battle, and are turning on one another to fight for their own survival.

From the blurb;​

In antigoddess we are introduced to Cassandra and Aidan, a normal, average high-school couple.

'Blissfully unaware of her own power, Cassandra doesn’t even know that gods exist.

That is until she does.

The gods are dying, and Cassandra could hold the answer to their survival. As they rally to control her Aiden fights to keep a secret, doing all that he can to protect the girl he loves form the danger that’s coming for her, even know it means fighting war against his own immortal family.'

Although antigoddess takes our breath away, it is in Mortal Gods that we truly fall in love with these main characters, and start routing for them in earnest in this impossible war.

'In Mortal Gods the enemy has changed. Now Ares, god of war, is leading the other dying gods into battle. Meanwhile Athena is ready to wage a war of her own, and she has the weapons of fate on her side.

If Athena is lucky the winning gods shall have their immortal lives restored, if not she and Hermes shall finally be able to die in peace.

However the alliance between Cassandra, god killer, and Athena is fragile at best, and as they travel across the globe Athena’s fears that Cassandra will eventually kill them all grow.'

In these two books Blake provides everything we could want, with just the right amount of gore and a touch of romance to keep us on our toes and completely engrossed.

We Give The Goddess War Series Four Stars


​ISBN – 978-1-40833-075-3 Cover price - £6.99 Available as an eBook  

Mortal Gods;

​ISBN – 978-0-7653-3444-2

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