The Hawthorne Legacy, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

After the close of The Inheritance Games all fans of Jennifer Lynn Barnes latest series will be desperate to continue the story with The Hawthorne Legacy.

Picking up from where the last novel left off The Hawthorne Legacy is a fantastic continuation from The Inheritance Games.

From the blurb;

'One step forward.

'Avery thought that solving the riddle left by billionaire Tobias Hawthorne would reveal why he left her - a complete stranger - his entire fortune.

'Two steps back.

'But as the cryptic clues take an unexpected twist and the handsome and enigmatic Hawthorne grandsons continue to pull her in different directions, Avery can't help but wonder who she can really trust and who is just looking out for themselves.

'What happens when the truth just hides more secrets?

'Soon Avery realizes this game is no longer just about month and power. Now she's playing for her life.'

This second novel is maybe not as fantastic as the first explosive book; repetition in the story’s pattern makes for a slightly less enjoyable read; however the fantastic craftsmanship of the characters and setting quickly allow readers to become lost once more in the mad life of main character Avery.

The Hawthorne Legacy opens for a greater exploration into the background and history of this esteemed family while also opening the door to greater dives into each of the characters personalities. For fans of the first book this dive into these brilliant hewn characters will be greatly received and create cause for a lot of readers to keep turning the pages.

While the mystery in this novel is not as complex as perhaps the first book, it still draws these characters into wonderfully dangerous scenarios, many of which happen in a greater setting than the first book as we explore out of the Hawthorne mansion and into other aspects of their lives. This time around the stakes of Avery seem a lot higher as she throws herself into her mothers past and the secretive world of the woman she loved.

While the close of The Hawthorne Legacy seems to wrap up the main plot lines of the books thus far we are still left with many enticing questions and cannot wait for the third installment to this series.

We give The Hawthorne Legacy Five Stars.

ISBN - 978-0-241-48072-4 Cover Price - £7.99

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