The Inheritance Games, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This series for Jennifer Lynn Barnes took the reading world by storm in 2020 and for good reason.

From the blurb;

'She came from nothing.

'Avery has a plan: Keep her head down, work hard for a better future. Then an eccentric billionaire dies, leaving her almost his entire fortune. And no one, least of all Avery, knows why.

'They had everything.

'Now she must move into the mansion she's inherited. It's filled with secretes and codes, and the old man's surviving relatives - a family hell-bent on discovering why Avery got 'their' money.

'now there's only one rule: winner takes all.

'Soon she is caught in a deadly game that everyone in this strange family is playing. But just how far will they go to keep their fortune?'

This YA mystery novel is full of twists and turns which will have you guessing throughout the whole book. Laced with a cast of intelligent, secret keeping, attractive characters this novel will keep you at the edge of your seat for far more than the mystery.

While it is easy to fall in love with our main character Avery for her wilfulness, intelligence and dry wit Barnes has done well to create a host of characters each with individual traits that express themselves clearly from the page and make every member of this diverse cast tangible.

Barnes attention to detail in both her characters, back story and descriptors make this book feel shockingly real. We can picture ourselves in the setting of each scene, know the characters like old friends and end up just a wrapped up in the puzzle as they are.

With a brilliant combination of secrets, romance and danger all at play you won’t be able to put The Inheritance Games down once you’ve picked it up, and you won’t be able to guess the truth.

We give The Inheritance Games Five Stars

ISBN - 978-0-241-47617-8 Cover Price - £7.99

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