The Loneliness of Distant Beings, by Kate Ling

A beautiful and brilliant story of young love in space. Kate Ling has designed a world among the stars that will absorb every reader.

For every lover of Young Adult fantasy fiction set in space Kate Ling is the author for you. Her brilliant and fantastic rendering of space exploration is so well considered that any reader will be completely absorbed.

From the blurb;

'Even though she knows it's impossible, Seren longs to have the sunshine on her skin. It's something she feels she needs to stay sane. But when you're hurtling through space at thousands of kilometers an hour, sometimes you have to accept there are things you cannot change.

'Except that the arrival of Dom in her life changes everything in ways she can barely comprehend. He becomes the sun for her, and she can't help but stay in his orbit. To lose him would be like losing herself.

'In the dark, can a heart still hope.'

On a generation's long space mission there are many rules and restrictions, and Kate Ling explores how these confines effect the youth of the mission and their dreams, hopes and loves. We couldn't put down The Loneliness Of Distant Beings once we got into it and know that readers will be just as absorbed by the explosive love story and the wonders of space travel that Ling expertly paints in this brilliant story.

We give The Loneliness of Distance Beings Five Stars

ISBN - 978-1-5102-0016-6 Cover Price - £7.99 Published by Hodder and Stoughton 2016

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