The Malta Job; Notes On A Wee Island, by Alwyn James

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Gloriously funny, clever and adventurous this debut fiction novel will make readers laugh out loud.

The perfect holiday read, The Malta Job is an excellent crime novel, filled to the brim with fantastic humour and overwhelmingly clever, it is impossible to put down.

We join main character John Smith, a young Scottish journalist with literary aspirations who is waiting for his big break. When John is sent to Malta to complete a sequel to the very successful MacMurder, a roundup of Scotland’s more imfamous homicides, following the death of the original author, he’s in for more than he signed up for.

In Malta, with the dead author’s notes, John accidently finds himself involved in a gripping set of circumstances. From romance, to exciting adventure and a bank heist crime The Malta Job has it all.

While the story itself is fantastic the true power of this book is in James’s well crafted, realistic characters, all of whom are as real as your next door neighbour.

A true triumph that will leave you hoping for more from James.

We Give The Malta Job Four Stars

ISBN – 9781901514179 Cover price - £9.99

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