The Prince of Mist, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Enter a novel that will leave the hairs on the back of any reader’s neck standing on end. This book is a beautiful exploration into a world shattered by war.

Based in 1943, Europe, we join main character Max Carver, a thirteen-year-old boy, as his father moves him and his family away from the city, to an old wooden house on the coast.

As soon as they arrive, however, strange things start to happen and Max discovers a garden filled with statues so eerie, and so beautifully described they will leave the reader trembling.

Max’s sisters are plagued by unsettling dreams and voices from the moment they move in, and a box of old films opens a window into the past which should have remained closed.

Most unsettling for the young teens are the rumours that fill the village about the previous owners of their new home, and the mysterious disappearance of their son.

We follow Max as he delves into the past, and encounters the terrifying story of the Prince of Mist – a sinister shadow who emerges from the night to settle old scores then disappear with the first mists of dawn.

This novel is a beautiful insight into life in Europe during the war, sprinkled with an otherworldly magic that fills the characters with dread and wonder.

Not just a thriller though, this novel also introduces young love, and life in its most precious form, highlighting the sacrifices made during the war not just on the battle field.

An action packed adventure which brims with loss, survival and curiosity.

We Give The Prince Of Mist Three Stars

ISBN – 978-0-7538-2855-7 Cover price - £7.99

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