The Raven Cycle, by Maggie Stiefvater

Updated: Mar 31

Maggie Stiefvater has proven a talent for taking the myths and legends we all know and love and putting her own astonishing twist on them.

The Raven Cycle is no exception, The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily, Lily Blue and The Raven King are all beautifully crafted books, set in our own world with a touch of magic. These novels will leave you thrilled and wanting more.

In this series Stiefvater successfully blends the real and the mythical, real life is not a side story in this series to a world of magic, but the key to the world of magic that makes this storyline thrive.

We are faced with characters of such depth and quality that it is impossible not to be absorbed by these novels.

From the blurb;

'The Raven Boy’s introduces us to this new world through main character Blue Sargent. Blue has been told that her true love will die is she ever kisses him, and so she stays away from boys. Everything changes however, when she’s drawn into the strange and sinister world of The Raven Boys and she not only finds herself falling in love but drawn into a world of magic.

Something that seems certain can turn out to be false, visions can unravel and friends can betray.'

This first book is an adventure you won’t want to miss but The Dream Thieves is where the real magic begins and where our addiction with this storyline becomes something more than just a passing whim.

In The Dream Thieves we are faced with the secret of Raven Boy Roman, the most dangerous of them all. He is the haunted one, the darkest, the most raven. He has the power to bring his dreams to life, and with magic growing stronger around them he may lose control.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue brings us close to the end, leaving us with racing minds as Stiefvater finishes the tale on a cliff-hanger that we cannot answer on our own.

Fianlly The Raven King answers our questions, and in true Stiefvater style not everything is as it seemed. This final novel however may leave some readers feeling dissapointed as the end brings this adventure to a close in a rush and with a twist. 

A fun, vibrant and surprising series, filled with magic from ghosts, to wishes, to witches and more, this one will catch you out just when you start to think you know what’s going on.

We Give The Raven Cycle Four Stars

The Raven Boys;

ISBN – 978-1-407134-61-1 Cover price - £7.99 Available as an eBook

The Dream Thieves;

ISBN – 978-1-407136-62-2 Cover price - £7.99 Available as an eBook

Blue Lily, Lily Blue;

ISBN – 978-1-407136-63-9 Cover price - £7.99 Available as an eBook

The Raven King; 

​ISBN - 978-1-4071-3664-6 Cover price - £7.99 Available as ann eBook

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