The Selection Series, by Kiera Cass

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The Selection, The Elite and The One are all beautifully written stories, combining to make a thrilling series about the mystery of love, and the difficulties of a class-system in society.

Based around the idea of a selection, held by the ruling family for their son to find a wife from a pool of thirty-five, handpicked women from the nation, in this futuristic world the selection is the chance of a lifetime.

For America Singer, however, it is a decent way to make some money and to enjoy the riches of the highest level of life for a few passing months, or at least that is all she plans.

America leaves her secret lover Aspen when she is chosen for the Selection, but her love with Aspen is doomed from the beginning as he is a caste below her and would bring her family down through their marriage.

Though when she enters the royal palace and meets the Prince she thinks so little of, America realises that the life she dreamed of may not compare to the future she never imagined.

Do not be fooled however, The Selection series is no Cinderella story, America is a strong, stubborn character who you cannot help but love.

We follow her through the series as she discovers the difficulties the country she lives in face and as the series moves forward Cass throws us and America into greater peril.

All the while, America fights to survive the process of the Selection and her heart is being stolen by the Prince, who proves to be a more worthwhile person with greater personality than she had believed.

This series is fast paced, beautifully crafted and powerful, fraught of the options which a ruling family face in an ever changing world.

We Give The Selection Series Five Stars

The Selection;

ISBN – 978-0-06-220313-7

The Elite;

ISBN – 978-0-06-226285-1

The One;

ISBN – 978-0-06-232547-1

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